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Oui, c'est long. Vous voyez, les bonnes choses mettent toujours du temps à se concrétiser. C'est un fait.
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Yes it might be long, but also the consequences to make this successful is so many, so let us give them more time to accomplish all the necessary it needs to get higher yield.
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The longer it takes for the project and its goals take to materialise the better will be the outcome for all of us. The team is working tirelessly and we are happy that at least they give us the required updates periodically. Let us keep our fingers crossed and also pray hard to win.
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Yes, it's long. You see good things always take long to materialise. This is a fact. So my dear friend, I beg you to tighten your belts, we are setting off!
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Greetings to Every YEM HOLDER

It's now long since the YEM and yem foundation was established though our goals have also taken long to get fulfilled but we thank God that we are still in existence and still we are to stay
I wish everyone success.

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