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It's very true
Because for example very many people opened pernum account long time ago but the have never tried verification because of that 10$ and they are the people who would be purchasing coins from yem holders

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The hinderances of YEMs Success

The YEM and the YEM foundation shall never get success until the it makes the verification free
The 10$ for verification is making us lag behind

How do you vote?

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c'est de l'argent en train de gagner de l'argent, ils utilisent de l'argent, c'est pourquoi nous devons revérifier pour faire fonctionner le système.
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Let us understand this 10usd cost. It should not make anyone lag behind because even if you borrowed it for verification you would receive it back as YEM on your pernum which you can give out and pay back the loan.

This is a perfect opportunity and all teams should understand it perfectly well.
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Of course yes but every project needs power behind for Smith running, that is money in process of making money they use money, that's y we need to re verify to make the system running.
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This obstacle only exists in your mind. Raise this barrier and the journey will be clear again.
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