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It's vital that all teams remain vigilant especially this time when more community need to learn about YEM.
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Many things in life are unpredictable life ,football , wether because they change anytime, thinking of German as a winner it may end up in group stages.
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I imagine that a sport cannot be for hosts. Definitely all other people and teams including fans and those who are not fans can find themselves at the sport for purposes of leaiseure, enjoy and also.pass time with friends.
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It's what it is, next time probably after the migration that is being completed by YEM Foundation.
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No one can beat the hosts this time round.The Germans have a new youthful team that can win this cup.
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The UEFA EURO 2024 is for the hosts.

The UEFA EURO 2024 football tournament that starts tomorrow in Germany as hosts will still be won by the host country.
Germany last won this cup in 1996 and this time they have to break that 28 year spell with a formidable team and support from the home crowd.

How do you vote?

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Most of the time host, it's rare to win the trophy
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