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Dialogue must be the solution to conflict in society in the 21st century in all communities!
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Whenever things have been put into the YEM community, it's paramount that they should come to fruition to improve the trust in the YEM Foundation and adoption of her projects respectively.
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Its always good to discuss the best ways to do awareness of the YEM Foundation activities, mission, vision and objectives.
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Unlike the super power country who wants to expose their might in form of crashing but to all of us the best way to dissolve conflicts is by dialogue so those who crash arthars are partly animals.
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Dialogue in solving country conflict in all ways

This period of rulership must completely be different from the former. Countries in case of any disagreement they should not for round table discussions to ensure harmony and reduced crisis in community.
Population has increased, a lot of investment has been done in different sectors which was not the case in the period of WW I and WW II. This must be taken seriously when any country would like to consider violent means of addressing any disagreement in whatever the case.

Dialogue must be priority and should always be upheld above any means of solving conflict of any form.
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