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Water intake for any human being is also dependent on the environment. Environment would hash or a normal one. This will influence more or less intake.
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Despite health tips drinking water shall not be adverse to anyone, because it depends on the 1) humidity and how thirsty you are it might be cold temperatures and you fill like drinking some water, that's the body can't be advertised not to take it.
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There is a saying that water is life and the saying is now more relevant than ever before because of the prevailing weather conditions. You are advised to take at least three litres of water daily to keep hydrated.
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Adverse weather conditions and drinking water!

I think it's prudent sometimes even to go beyond 2 ltrs. This must as well put into consideration the weather considerations of the place where you are living.

For instance, bulisa and Pakwach sometimes temperatures can raise up to 40 degrees!
I can assure you that 2 ltrs have no significance at all on you.
You many more litres of water to manage such adverse weather. Here one does not need even to be advised because the condition will force you to take water or else you find your level.

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