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God is for all for he is the beginning and end of every being.
This applies to the being of the universe and all it's content.
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JESUS is the Alpha and the omega the beginning and the end. like unto him there's no other.
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He is, he was, he will and always. He cannot change and will never change!

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God is and will always be for every creature. This because he let them be!
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What is God for me and God for everyone everyday!

Jesus is all and above all. Because, he was in the beginning. He did not be there in the beginning even a long the way during creation he was there and he will always be there.

Now as beings, he can never be taken for granted and cannot be taken over anything else. Whatever, circumstances one lives, God the creator will always be the beginning and must always be the end. The work he started in us must always be completed by him who started it!

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Unless there is two God Jesus and the al might which Jesus was expecting to get saved when he was on the cross but if is one then Jesus is not the one.
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