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Thank you for this wonderful sharing. I impressed by this sharing. As the conclusion says, stay away if you can't handle, indeed. By any forms theory, vision or practice if you cannot handle, one must avoid sex in any form until they are ready.
Thank you
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Yes and that impulse with Homo sexual one can say you're denied your rights but if and when you haven't tried it what would you miss? So if possible stay away from any kind of sexual interaction.
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What happens when you are disclosed to sexual knowledge and pleasure?

What happens when you're disclosed to sexual knowledge and pleasure?

Knowledge often comes from experience, we cannot ponder or worry about the unknown. The saying ``The more you know the more it hurts`` is practically true because those who know less ponder less and those who know more worry about more.

When one is still virgin, they know nothing by practice or experience on how their bodies function sexually. This helps them to think or worry less about sex and they may experience less desire for sex.
Getting opened to sexual knowledge by theory or vision is very different from getting opened to sexual knowledge by practice.

• Disclosure by theory or vision

This means learning about sex and sexual pleasure for example from a sex manual or watching sexual activities physically or digitally. This kind of sexual knowledge is less disturbing and can easily be forgotten.

• Disclosure by practice

Means an individual knows about sex because they practiced it and they know how it physically feels. This kind of knowledge disturbs as it doesn't go away and arouses sexual desire again and again.

• When you're disclosed to sexual knowledge and pleasure

√ You will keep experiencing sex desire again and again whenever you recall the last sexual activity you did or watched
√ You will find difficulty living without sex
√ You will always be disturbed by sexual thoughts/ fantasies
√ You will like talks or discussions involving sex
√ You may be pushed to seek a sex partner or do some jerking off.

I encourage you to stay away from sex and its knowledge
if you are not yet ready to manage its knowledge especially when you are still young.

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