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Yes, it's true we are working hard, long hours, but gain nothing much but with time all will well cause we are lucky we gat a YEM currency.
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Every normal human being has to work in order to earn a living to cater for all the necessities of life. However you do not have to be a slave to money. Let money work for you by use of channels of a passive income. YEM is here for you to help you at this front.
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We are not accepting yem because of being suffers no, its because we are blessed and lucky people who will lead as far as wealthy is concerned. Those who haven't got the luck will be followers as usual and get the negrigable share on the world cake. Nice time.
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But if focus on your country wealth creativity system and you plan with it obviously you can earn more than what you don't expect, the bad thing we focus more on earths . we don't want to develop our Martha land.thats why we are played less.
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Oui il travaille beaucoup comment tout africain surtout Noir
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Wow really African Child is unlucky, I wish God helps Africa so that they gain in all what they do.
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The African Child is working to much but urns small.

The African Child,very unlucky is Anfrican Child, so many things are killing us. Even our soils are dead.Oh God, help us .
We can't even plant our foods and grow nice to infertility of the soil because some of us we can't afford to buy fertilizer. That caused by economy. So the reason to why some of us accept this currency is to see how we can help ourselves.

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