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Time is against those without enough yem, they were told and they kept a dead ear.
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That's true
Time will reach when it's difficult to get YEM so we need to add on our YEM when it's still time
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That is true!. We need to add on our Pernum Accounts some YEM when it is still affordable. In the near future it may be difficult even to get some DANS. Let's wake up Members!. Thank you!.
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True because one day yem will increase hence becoming more expensive than now
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Well I would support adding yem because there is nothing completely compared yem so far as a currency but it's like it's being hidden and something has to be done to make it fully exposed and accepted to the world.

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The wait has been long and is still long because there are no tangible or visual / physical activities to engage members in the project. Many have collected yem and are slowed down by the slow nature of the promised activities of the project. But wait is worthwhile. There is one thing we cling on and that is hope.
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If you can add on your yem do it when there still

Those who are to add on their yem for sure do it when there is still time for for adding to your wealth because there alot to be done by yem only you will be limited by your pocket or wallet.

How do you vote?

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This quite serious and teams must take concern to ensure suits from the community and commitment .
I know that YEM has value and it's value will continue to appreciate always. This is a tick for all YEM community.
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Money moves or it is a medium of exchange. I think we need to encourage more entrepreneurship among YEM holders so that through goods and services they can spend as well as collect more YEM.
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