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This is a true saying love is like an ingredients which is used for cooking. You can admire whom you love. Meanwhile let brotherly love continues
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For any nation to develop needs peace. For any family to develop needs peace . For an individual to develop needs peace of mind. Therefore love your neigbour as you love your self help to keep people in peace because you cant do wrong to some one whom you love hence keeping peace to people, families, and nation atlarge. Living in peace help in so many ways people plan well, do business well, travel well, sleep well, and many more . When in peace no distructive activities like wars, routing that underdevelop a nation. When in peace there is future and permanent constructions.
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Love is a source of happiness so love each other as God loved us when he gave us his only son to die for our sins.
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Exactly without love ,peace can not be there, so we should respect love each other to be in a peaceful way the life to move forward .
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There is nothing good than love and peaceful. People need love because love make peace. Love is everything we must wish before other things.
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Love is everything a country needs to be in peace because in the world are the peace every things go very well

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Peace unity and hard-working leads to at peace with your neighbors.
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Because the attraction and influence of love can affect and can change everything
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In the Bible Jesus was asked that, of the 10 commandments, what was the greatest of them all and He answered that love is the greatest and He said, love your neigbour as you love yourself.
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Love is everything a Country needs to be in peace

Love is the greatest ingredient in life,without love there can't be peace and harmony in a country

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