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This is a true talk please Dan you have to be specific and give detailed account about your briefings on when we should have the webinars program
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It's true Mr Dan we need good News about Yem back program and bridge coin
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Massage from Dan and Yem foundation give a hope to Yem holders
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Yes you have the point members were anxiously waiting to hear good news from yembuyback but we're disappointed to hear that there is no coin
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He's Mr Dan the Lion, a blessing to this generation and the ones to come, characterised by many qualities, teamwork, Hard work, selflessness, Always inspiring us through actions. May the Almighty God keep you healthy for many years. Africa and YEM holders love you so much.
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Infact it's true let him speak about it cause many are waiting for the news of withdraw
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Hello Mr. Dan Settgast and Yem foundation.
Am following the last webinar where you were not clear about the yem buy back which you had promised at the end of last year that either February or March there will be good new. You were not clear about that information. Please we need clarity on that buy pack program.
Secondly Enlight more about the Bridge coin and also we need more enlightenment about the new programs. This will make our unicorn members hearts settled.

If this message reaches you please give clarity because last webinar you were too brief.

Thank you.

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Thank you for your letter. Its good to ask so that you understand but if the information is out whether belief or detailed its up to you to look for it in order to understand it may be from other unicorn members who can understand more than you or who are current than you so that you become current and be on the same footing as they are. Board of international directors are very busy so your question might not be answered by the right person your writing too but i hope, i have answered you. If its not enough join whatsap to other unicorn members to get new from unicorn company. Thank u nice time.

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