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I don't see any problem with it because too much of anything is always bad. Those who are doing right in UAE are ok but most individuals there are lwa breakers. So I support the act.
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Looks great news thank God for me the other to get the kids in time to make up there for you guys I think we need more than one should have a better than enough
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Some reasons of not allowing some nationalities in the country are hidden and others can easily be known. However, all in all we have to keep the laws of each country and respect what they want and what they don't want.
Some few individuals can turn the name of all the people living in that country.
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Governments were obtaining taxes from Money being recieved from abroad. But now it's gonna reduce because many people will not afford the cost of leaving the country.
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Yeah exactly, this is discrimination among people, entrants though there were so issues behind there.
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U A E is just like many other countries, requiring you to have a specified amount of money on your account in order to enter their countries. The only bad thing is that this is discrimination. Why Uganda and Nigeria?
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You can enter but rest assured that you have Ugx 5,000,000 in your account. So you have to be even well behaved with a recommendation from the chairman.
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It quite absad to find that United Arab Emirates has stopped the entrance of Ugandans and Nigerians. Because people have largely acquired a source of living right way from buying a passport upto reaching in UAE. Though some Africans are not well behaved, but many have tried to practice behaving.

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