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Yes there is easy money and easy wealth but behind this wealth there are fatal consequences a sudden end and a short life
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Some people get lucky and they play lotteries and manage to win and some get an enheritance that gives them a lot of money, but with out proper planning it will just vanish after a short time.
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Success, wealth and financial freedom can be obtained through a long process in general.
for it requires perseverance from everyone who wants to achieve it.
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Is there anything like quick money and quick wealth in life

Some individuals think that there are some ventures where you can get quick money and quick ventures for wealth. This is just the thinking but not in reality, in most cases when you make money very fast, it doesn't help you to be rich because, the mind tells you that you will get more money and you will use this one very fast.

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There is no you have to work for it harder to earn money. If you are lax enough you will end up starving your family.
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