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If we define leadership as an action of showing the way, being a leader means that we are the eye and voice of blinds and voiceless and in this way a leader must be a model of the group in order to be copied.
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A good leader is always balance and there is no favoritism with his subordinates. He can be a model and responsible in all aspects of his life.
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A good leader should always be in good relationship with his subordinates. And He should also make sure that he grooms some one who can take his position after his departure.
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When you are in a position to lead others, make sure you do it right

Great leadership grooms other good leaders. A leader who listens to his subordinates and guides them at whatever level leaves a great legacy once he is out of that position.
If you are a leader in a government position or a leader in a private sector that has well streamlined policies that are followed with proper guidence, your company or government will have peace.
Let's keep welcoming great leadership.

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