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There is nothing Worth while that is got when playing small . once you persist,take all the risks , you will have to win
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Yep, persistence is a key in life.. along with great things like "follow up and follow through" ... patience, proactivity and so many other positive things you can do for your own success, no matter what your goal is.
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A river cuts through hard rocks not because of its power but because of its persistance.

In life, most people give so easily when they face some challenges in their endeavours/ missions. They try this and that but fail so, they give up. But those who continue trying at the end of rhe day, they achieve what they wanted. Its like if you engage a beautiful lady, she may not accept so easily. She may even abuse you, underate you and do other funny things to show you that you are not fit for her. But guess what, if you persist on persuing her, you end up getting her attention and finally marry her. This comes because of your persistance. So, NEVER GIVE UP SO EASILY.

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