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Yes it is true because when it comes man to man no one can guess each other when comes to their minds apart from God because for him is a spirit therefore he knows what ever man is thinking about because he is every where.
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The mind is connected to heart
And the bible says
The heart is deceitful, who can tame it or search it.
Only God is able
He knows what a man is thinking before he speaks.
God is a Spirit not man.
He has all the access to every man's mind, nothing we can hide from him
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The mind of man is only accessed by God and him.

A mind is the seat of life which cannot be shared with any other finite beings. It's a secret spiritual realm accessed by the owner and His creator only.

One of the main attributes of a divine being is the ability to read and access the information on the minds of other beings.
This is impossible with man and the Devil because both are not divine but just created.

This divine ability is only possible with God who is everywhere at everytime. However Satan can predict the mind of man near to accuracy because he has existed for long and therefore knows how man reacts to different situations.

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