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For life to exist on earth, the following must exist.
Water. For life on this earth, everything must have water as people regarded water to be life. Oxygen must also exist as it supports life which makes earth the only planet with life. Both plant life, animal life and human life survive on oxygen in different ways. Light and heat also in one way or another support life. To make life more easier, there must also be ecosystem amongst the organisms on earth as all organisms need each other to exist.
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For life to be possible on earth, these things must exist.

For life to be possible on earth, there must be these four things, these are the factors that make life possible on earth.

1. Food, this is in various forms and consumed differently by different organisms.
2. Water, this is the main content of fluids in all living things.
3. Air, which is exchanged and absorbed in various forms.
4. Light, which is used as a source of solar energy and many other forms by different organism.

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