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Here is the list of the top 4 most expensive trophies in the world.
(1)FIFA World Cup Trophy.This weights $20,000,000 Obviously, the FIFA World Cup trophy is the most expensive title in the football world. It's the trophy that brings top 72 countries at playing football across the world. FA Cup Trophy which weighs $1,180,000. It's for the English composition. Ballon d'Or Trophy weighing $600,000. It's for the best world's ranked football player.
Africa Cup of Nations Trophy $150,000 . This is for the competition for the African giant football counties.

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4 most expensive international trophies in the world

most footballers always value international competition between countries. These are the 4 most expensive trophies in the world. 1 world cup trophy. Fifa world cupis the biggest international football competition in the world. It is the competition between countries from 6 different continents that is europe, africa, south america, asia,north america and australia. That is why it is the most expensive international trophy. The world cup trophy is worthy $ 20000000. 2 AFCON trophy. the african cup of nations trophy is the second most expensive international trophy. the trophy has a value of $ 150000. this is the biggest competition between african countries. 3 copa america trophy. copa americais an international competition between countries from south america. the value of the trophy is $ 16000. 4 euros trophy. this is the fourth most expensive trophy. the trophy is valued at $ 16000. the competition between european countries is always conducted after every 4years.

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