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Am by name's of Ahimbisiibwe Agatha Tell. No 0775958269.Am seconding the statement above that it's true There are three types of heaven that's the first is heaven we all know then there's hell and last prigatory. After death that's when your supposed to go to heaven after judgement and your successful. For prigatory heaven after judgement then you found your results afair God gives another Chance of repentance .Inorder after that can go to heaven. The last heaven is Hell. This comes after judgement and totally bad things of weight the good thing
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Le mystère derrière les trois est complexe surtout pour le troisième qui est l'au delà. Nous voyons les deux mystère , l'atmosphère et la constellation
Dans tout les cas faut juste avoir la fois pour croire
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The great mystery behind the three heavens

Heavens are also called heights or Skies.
There are basically three heavens that the Bible talks of, the scriptures talking about the "Third Height" in which Paul was caught up. This gives a clear sense that there are three heavens.
1. The first heaven is the space between the earth and clouds or the atmosphere.
2. The second heaven is the starry sky or the outer space.
3. The third heaven is beyond the first two where no instrument nor man can see.

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