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Really am just waiting and I know that time will reach and all yem holders will be happy due to their patience and hard work
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We can't stop hopping and waiting for that day because it's every yem holder's dream so it's gonna be a dream coming true. When yem goes to the market cap we expect a lot of achievements to be reached at for instance it's expected that yem will be the leading currency and we the yem holder's are gonna be the billionaires of the century.
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Imagine that day you will wake up when yem is listed on coin market cap.

It's been a long journey full of ups and downs but we are almost reaching the finishing line. I will never stop thinking that day yem will be listed on coin market cap, that's when yem holders will start realising the value of what they've been holding all along.
Yem holders very soon you are going to make it.

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