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Can somebody explain, how can something not get affected when the very thing that backs its value is affected? If Gold price per ounce gets to $1000 from $1853 how then does anything dependent on gold value remain unaffected? Some one pls elaborate. Thanks
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The stability of YEM cannot be affected by the crush. Remember YEM is backed by gold and other precious metals. So whoever is holding YEM is very confident and stable. No worry no fear.
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One important thing is to discuss is this: with all this news talk about the biggest crash in world history (USD,GOLD, SILVER & BITCOIN), WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YEM since YEM is backed by gold and valued in USD???

How do you vote?

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YEM can not and will never be affected because its value does not fractuate like the other currencies and also it's is backed up by gold.
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YEM being backed by gold, silver and other precious metals, won't affected with the crush that affects those precious metals because there's a minimum and the trading price for YEM unlike those precious metals.

Secondly, YEM has an eco system within the safezone open network and it has been used to purchase goods and services for example on YEM bids etc unlike those precious metals that were used to back up YEM they can't be used to purchase goods and services unless being converted into fiat.

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