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Brother it's not bewitching but it's ignorance of them.
They like spending much time on video games leaving important things behind I think it's all they do
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As Africans especially those who have knowledge about digital transformation we should help our fellow African by Educating them about digital transformation. Other wise if not that we shall carry a very big Baden
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For sure who is behind this who is making Africans not embrace digital currencies.
Is it because most of them are full of scammers.
Because whoever you inform about yem they bring the likes of dagcoin that they were scammed.
How will this be handled so that yem is adopted without fear.
Unless otherwise Africans we are lagging behind

How do you vote?

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I don't believe that African are not transforming to digital because many countries the likes of Uganda have greatly turned up for the disruption ok in this disruptive world
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Nigeria has already launched it's CBDC'S ( e Naira) and there's a number of countries that have embraced digital currencies in Africa though it's being done by few individuals but not countrywide.

Secondly it's not only Africans that's still lagging behind with digital currencies but there's very many Europeans and Americans who are not well versed with digital currencies though some take time to make their own research concerning digital currencies unlike most Africans who hate anything in written form.
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