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Uganda is a blessed country by nature . It has many features that are gud for enjoyment and leisure among these are lakes and gamesparks , big hotels that worth while fun and leisure!!
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Brother that's our country.. But for Lord and my country soon we will be living in a great country in Africa I'm sure of that..
For Lord And My Country
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Does Ugandans have anything worthwhile to enjoy from their country.

It's only in Uganda where by Ugandans have little to nothing to be proud as citizens. For example Ugandans have never benefited from natural resources of their country but they're highly taxed and proceeds from natural resources are sold on black market for selfish interests of a small group of people.

Ugandans no longer enjoys the benefits from natural lakes and rivers since most of them were sold to Chinese and Indians and that's why Ugandans are prohibited from eating fishes and engaging in any income generating activity on the lakes and rivers. How can foreigners be given a priority over Ugandans.

Land grabbing and evictions, Ugandans have been evicted from their lands and it's being grabbed by state operatives while making Ugandans to become refugees in their country.

Kidnappings and abductions of Ugandans, most Ugandans especially supporters of NUP are living each day as their last due to persistent kidnappings and abductions of Ugandans and most of those being dragged into torture Chambers few resurface when still alive. How can citizens live in such an environment be proud of their country.

How do you vote?

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