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IT MUST BE THE SAME, afterall you are working internationally and that is MONEY realated, so everywhere must be the same.
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Yes YEM foundation making a unified design would be much better as same language is spoken everywhere globally.
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I certainly agree with the concept, but the reality is that we need to have some members volunteer to do this as resources within Unicorn are already stretched
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Image and explanatory material for a uniform YEM impression

If stores and online shops can now accept payments in YEM smoothly with PernumPay, they want to show this to their customers / guests using banners, signs and stickers, and be able to explain it in writing (e.g. print flyer).

Such a public appearance must not differ from place to place and from website to online shop. There has to be a recognition effect. This also promotes trust, among other things. Or the other way around, if everyone cooks their own "soup", a confusing chaos arises.

It is important to demonstrate unity and fellowship. And pictures speak louder than 1000 words.

Should the YEM Foundation centrally organize a unified design and communication concept for business owners?

How do you vote?

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