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It's true Amin was a great leader but what we have to understand is that every leader is appreciated after his downfall.
A leader can't make everyone in a country happy. But all in all every leader is great but that greatness is seen after his departure from power.
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It's true because Amin loved Uganda, he was a pan African and a nationalistic Uganda who worked for Ugandans and uptodate his contribution to Uganda is still visible
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Amin Ddada was one of the greatest leaders Uganda had ever had.

Amin Ddada was a true patriotic leader who nurtured developmental activities in Uganda for a period of 9 years in power amidst economic blockage and sanctions, he managed to acquire a number of airlines both cargo and passenger planes which was sold out by the same people struggling to get bombardiers after almost 3 decades.

Amin Ddada left Uganda without any debt yet he was under sanctions unlike a regime which has never been sanctioned but had accumulated a huge debt for the country yet that money had not been utilised on activities that benefits Ugandans.

Amin Ddada had never exterminated Ugandans as the current illegitimate regime which has been in power at the expense of Ugandans lives.

Amin Ddada gave Ugandans the economic independence by giving Ugandans an opportunity to engage themselves in economic activities which was being dominated by Asians and he paid all Indians for the lost properties in Uganda where the current regime has been utilised the period it has been in power to put Ugandans under the dominance of foreigners especially Chinese hence Uganda has never had a great leader like Idi Amin Ddada and he should be treated as Uganda's hero.

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